NMIMS Marketing Research Assignment Help 2024

NMIMS Marketing Research Assignment Help 2024

Course: Marketing Research

NMIMS Marketing Research Assignment Help 2020

you will proceed ahead with choosing the areas / localities in Mumbai to conduct your

research along with timelines.

2. You are the Head of a Market Research Organisation. Your client has recently introduced “id Traditional Filter Coffee Decoction”. Your client wants to understand how customers

are reacting to their recently launched Filter Coffee Decoction. Draft a Questionnaire containing not more than 20 questions that would succinctly address the query posed by

the client.

3. You have been recently appointed as a “New Product Development” Head for Kellogg’s

Corn Flakes which operates across pan India. You have been asked to develop 2 new innovative products as part of their Menu.

a. Explain the process in detail to arrive at the creation of your 2 new products

b. Is there a need to conduct Test Marketing post creation of the 2 innovative products? If

Yes or No, please state your reasons to support your answer.


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