NMIMS Assignment Help Services June 2024

NMIMS Assignment Help Services June 2024

Course: NMIMS Assignment Help Services June 2024 ~ Services Marketing.

NMIMS Services Marketing Assignment Help 2024 I Unique Assignment

The recent epidemic of Coronavirus has really affected the world very badly. One of the sectors worst affected are Travel & Tourism. SOTC India has seen a severe fall in business in the last few months and does not see light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon. If the situation continues this way, it may lead to them shutting down many of their branches and laying of many employees. The sluggish Indian economy is not helping

For their case too. You are hired as a consultant by them to suggest possible solutions and strategies in order to combat this problem? Keep in mind IIHS and the service marketing.

2. The recent judgement by the Supreme Court with regards to AGR has forced Vodafone Idea to pay a huge amount as fine before the deadline. This hurts the already bleeding company even more. Post the entry of Jio, the telecom market has gone through a complete turmoil with the low rates and growing taxation burden. The situation has turned so bad that Vodafone wants to quit the Indian Market. The recent price increase has not helped improve the situation a lot. Can you as a student of Service Marketing

analyze the problem at hand and provide possible solutions and revenue streams or methods to contain losses? Use the SERVQUAL Model to analyze the same? Also use

the concept of Customer Loyalty to your advantage?

3. The recent decision by the Indian Government to divide the State of Jammu & Kashmir into Union Territories and open it for investors of the world has been met with a lot of cheer by the Industry. Kashmir sure has a lot to offer but it also brings with it, its shares of problems. Use the Service Branding Model, Service Communication Model and Moment of Truth to your advantage?

a. You are a part of the planning team organizing a summit to invite investors from the service sector to tap Kashmir’s potential. Can you suggest strategies in order to woo the


b. Can you also enlist the hurdles that will come by and suggest possible solutions for the



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