NMIMS Assignment Solution Organisational Behaviour June 2024

NMIMS Assignment Solution Organisational Behaviour June 2024

NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Organisational Behaviour
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2020 Examination

Assignment Marks: 30

All Questions carry equal marks.
All Questions are compulsory
All answers to be explained in not more than 1000 words for question 1 and 2 and for
question 3 in not more than 500 words for each subsection. Use relevant examples,
illustrations as far as possible.
All answers to be written individually. Discussion and group work is not advisable.
Students are free to refer to any books/reference material/website/internet for attempting
their assignments, but are not allowed to copy the matter as it is from the source of
Students should write the assignment in their own words. Copying of assignments from
other students is not allowed.
Students should follow the following parameter for answering the assignment questions.

1. Anand has been raised in economically modest family and has seen family struggle to
make ends meet. What worked well for Anand was his hard work and sheer dedication
because of which he was able to get through to civil services exam in the first attempt
itself. As soon as Anand’s training finished he was placed as a District Magistrate. Soon
For Theoretical Answer
Assessment Parameter Weightage
Introduction 20%
Concepts and Application
related to the question
Conclusion 20%
For Numerical Answer
Assessment Parameter Weightage
Understanding and usage
of the formula
Procedure / Steps 50%
Correct Answer &

he notices a scam under a government scheme involving huge amount of money. He
raised the concern to the higher authorities to which he was asked to be involved in it and
get a huge part of the deal. Anand is now in dilemma as he is in need of money to look
after his family requirements. Bring out how the three personality traits as per the
psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud act on him. (10 Marks)
2. Shritika is an entrepreneur, she has her own HR consultancy firm. In her work Shritika
gets to meet a lot of clients which she really enjoys. Whenever she is stressed because of
her work, she goes out with her friends or family and then resumes work with new
enthusiasm and energy. She is one such boss that whenever the employees face any
problem they do not hesitate to share with her. At times when the client is annoyed and
loses his cool Shritika still maintains her composure and tries to solve his concerns. Based
on all the above narration discuss Shritika’s personality on the basis of Big Five/OCEAN
(10 Marks)
3. As the famous saying goes by, “What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on
where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.”
a. Justify this statement by throwing more light on the concept of perception. (5 Marks)
b. Also, discuss in depth about few perceptual distortions/errors/bias. (5 Marks)

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