NMIMS International Business Assignment Help 2024

NMIMS International Business Assignment Help 2024

             Course: International Business

June 2020 unique assignment

   NMIMS International Business Assignment Help 2020

1. In the US-China Trade war, what are the trade control measures taken by both the

countries. How are the US & Chinese companies getting affected?

2. Discuss the effects of regional integration in terms of trade creation and trade diversion.

Prepare a list of Regional Trade Agreements of India

3. Read the passage and answer the questions mentioned below the passage.

Coronavirus has put a spotlight on the economic decoupling of China and some developed countries. With factories shuttered and consumption stalled, multinational companies have been forced to shift production elsewhere. Apple has warned investors that its revenues will take a hit as a result of the outbreak. A gradual decoupling of global economies has been under way for a few years. The South Korean electronics group Samsung, for example, has been closing Chinese plants and opening others in Vietnam. Mexico has benefited from some US corporations moving their supply chains closer to home. But decoupling will undoubtedly speed up as Beijing’s opacity in handling the coronavirus epidemic highlights the risks of doing business in China.

There are marked similarities between the virus and decoupling itself. There is what you see on the surface (masks and panic or supply chain shifts and profit warnings) and then there is what you can’t know: how many victims the outbreak will claim or what the world will look like economically and politically in five to 10 years, as globalization dissolves and divides deepen.

a. Do you think that globalization is under threat? Are transnational firms going to become

extinct? Give your comments with reference to the passage.

b. With your knowledge of International Business, explain how different political systems

across nations may create risks for the conduct of business.


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