NMIMS Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment Help 2024

NMIMS Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment Help 2024

Enterprise Resource Planning

NMIMS Enterprise Resource Planning Assignment Help 2020

1. Imagine you are a Business Analyst collecting requirements from a Chief Marketing officer of an auto portal company which helps its users with car research. What are the different parameters and touch points of a customer you will suggest starting from a customer’s journey to hit the portal to the final booking? What kind of different analysis from MIS can you create and present to help the CMO to take better decisions and to obtain better conversions of leads?

2. Select any one Business/Industry sector/domain and write 5 critical business processes of that sector, apply principles of business process engineering in any one of those 5 criticalprocesses and propose an alternative.

3. Imagine you are the Project Manager for an ERP Implementation of the HR Module in any organization with an employee strength of 400 working in 3 different countries. Now answer below questions:

a. List 5 important and critical parameters you will be considering for the successful


b. What are the different steps and stages you will be following for such implementation so

that you meet the deadlines?


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