NMIMS Business Communication Assignment Help 2024

NMIMS Business Communication Assignment Help 2024

Business Communication

NMIMS Business Communication Assignment Help 2020

1. Give examples of the following types of Biases in a sentence: Gender bias, Racial bias, Age bias, Disability bias. How can they be avoided?

2. Amazin.in has put up billboards across the main, arterial roads of Mumbai. The billboards advertise the Mega Independence Day Sale coming up. They hope their billboards can grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians on these busy roads. List the 8-steps in the Basic Communication Model and apply the model to Amazin.in’s billboard ad.

3. a. You have just finished drafting a proposal for a coveted project. You want to make sure that you haven’t overlooked anything. What are the different proofreading techniques?

you’d employ to make sure your proposal is error-free?

3. b. You’ve been shortlisted for an interview at your dream company. What are the different

common types of Interviews you should mentally prepare yourself for?


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