Fundamentals of Big Data & Business Analytics NMIMS Assignment April 2024

Fundamentals of Big Data & Business Analytics NMIMS Assignment

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NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Fundamentals of Big Data & Business Analytics
Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2024 Examination
Assignment Marks: 30
 All Questions carry equal marks.
 All Questions are compulsory.
 All answers to be explained in not more than 1000 words for question 1 and 2 and for question 3 in not more than 500 words for each subsection. Use relevant examples, illustrations as far as possible.
 All answers to be written individually. Discussion and group work is not advisable.
 Students are free to refer to any books/reference material/website/internet for attempting their assignments but are not allowed to copy the matter as it is from the source of reference.
 Students should write the assignment in their own words. Copying of assignments from other students is not allowed
 Students should follow the following parameter for answering the assignment questions.
1. Atem’s social network application has been a revolution in the technology industry and is improving by leaps and bounds every day. Atem has a huge technological infrastructure which enables them to collect, store, process and analyze the data of the users.
Mention 2 possible use cases which are enabled by the existence of big data platforms for Atem and how a company leverages this technology. Also, Research and provide information about if and how large social network companies use cloud technologies for their advertising capabilities. (10 Marks)
2. A world renowned Consumer Packaged Goods major has engaged you to optimize its marketing initiatives. Which business analysis technique is used to achieve this and which statistical technique aids in achieving it? Mention briefly about the business analysis technique and the mathematical techniques involved in this problem. (10 Marks)
3. PhonePe, a multi utility mobile application, has had a meteoric rise as the go to application for payments in the past few years, challenging the dominance of traditional banks and card-based payment systems. Assume you have been hired as a data analytics consultant by one of its competitors.
a. Identify social media or mobile or application analytics tools that can be deployed to understand consumer behavior and trends. (5 Marks)
b. Identify mobile data analytics approaches and tools that can be deployed to understand and leverage customer behavior. (5 Marks)

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