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World Class Operations June 2024




1. You are the Maintenance Manager of a Pump manufacturer and have launched their TPM
Program. Explain the concept of 5S and why it is the foundation of TPM. What are some of
the benefits you expect from this TPM initiative?

2. Global Manufacturing firms in diverse sectors such as Automotive (Toyota, Daimler),
Electronics (Apple, Phillips), Appliances (Kohler, Black & Decker), etc., are highly reputed
for their unflinching commitment to Quality. In this context, briefly explain the key factors
that are part of Quality.

3. a. Quality Awards act as motivation for the companies to carry on with world class standards
in manufacturing. Discuss the difference between National and International Awards.

3. b. With reference to Quality Awards, what are the Deming Criteria for Performance Excellence
in assessing the award?

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