Research Methodology NMIMS Solved Assignment September 2022

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Research Methodology NMIMS Solved Assignment September 2022


Research Methodology NMIMS Solve Assignment September2022



Q1. The training manager at ABC corporation has asked you to identify the kind of training programs that should be offered to the young recruits who have joined as management trainees and are to be imparted five additional general management programs along with their specify job training modules. The trainees are a mixed bunch of engineering and management graduates.
(a) How would you formulate your management research questions?
(b) How would you carry out a problem audit? Explain in detail the steps you would take for this.
(c) What could be the mix of variables that could impact the investor decisions? Is it possible to represent the same through a theoretical framework?
(d) State your study objectives and research hypotheses. (10 Marks)

Q2. -An Academic ———- Opportunities. The objective of the study was as follows:
1. To assess the growth and development opportunities available in IT companies.
2. To form comprehensive information shoot on the compensation packages for employees of various IT opportunities.
3. To assess the tradeoff that employees might make with respect to growth and development opportunities in case of an attractive compensation package.
4. To profile the typical employee in the IT sector.
5. The implication of the analysis for the IT study.

Develop a questionnaire for the above study based on the objectives? (10 Marks)

Q3a. Describe the four types scales with examples? (5 Marks)

Q3b. The table below presented the ranks which were assigned by three judges to the works of ten articles: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Judge A 5 7 4 1 3 2 9 8 10 6
Judge B 4 8 3 2 7 1 10 6 9 5
Judge C 8 6 2 10 4 1 3 9 5 7

Compute the spearman’s rank order correlation coefficients for each pair of ranking and decide:

a) Which two judges are most alike in their opinion about these artists
b) Which two judges are different in their opinion about these artists? (5 Marks)

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