NMIMS Customer relationship management solution June 2023

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NMIMS Customer relationship management solution June 2023




NMIMS Customer relationship management assignment solution 2023

NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Customer Relationship Management
Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2023 Examination

  1. You already have CRM software installed in your company and that is providing
    support to your existing CRM practices. However, your bigger worry is that there
    is a lot of technological development that is happening in the CRM market, which
    you need to integrate at your workplace. How do you ensure that there is a systematic integration between the future of CRM, best practices and internal
    systems and processes? (10 Marks)
    2. Your company manufactures air conditioners. You have products both for
    industrial markets, as well as consumer markets. However, this industry thrives on
    season and with plenty of players in the market, CRM really does not work is what
    the management thinks. Being the head of sales and marketing you feel differently
    and you understand that without CRM practices you would not even have a chance
    to forge a strong relationship in a highly fragmented marketplace. You have a
    meeting with the top leadership next week. Prepare a case favouring CRM?
    (10 Marks)
    3. Ravi has started his own coaching centre for competitive exam preparations.
    Although he is hiring the best and the most competent people, with the best salary,
    he is not able to compete with the other players. The market is mostly unregulated
    with a large proportion of students visiting private coaching. Apart from that, the
    bigger players can scale easily. You feel that for your growth you need to approach
    a reference-based mechanism. More the references there is a higher chance that
    new students would enrol.
    a. How will you create a system to build this? How will design the reward
    system? (5 marks)
    b. What will be your evaluation criteria to measure the success of this initiative?
    (5 marks)


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