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Business Communication NMIMS Assignment Solution June 2024


Business Communication NMIMS Assignment Solution June 2024



NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Business Communication
Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2024 Examination

1) Meher is a communications consultant, fairly an unknown field. However, her customers know how she makes a real difference in their way of reaching out to their clients. Meher handles all the communication channels that her customers need to use in their business. Their email communications, their social media communications, their web presence, and literature that goes out from their offices. She also conducts training for her customers so that they can use the strategies and make themselves effective. One basic tip that Meher likes to always follow and share with people is controlling the style and tone of communication. Considering this case, please share the rules or strategies that you covered about controlling the style and tone of communication, in your course. (10 Marks)

2) Praful is working for a research institute as research associate for archaeological projects. As a part of his job, Praful needs to write to various departments of the government for access to forts and geographical areas for research. Help Praful to develop a routine request draft towards asking for information and action to these departments. (Write the letter to Archaeological Survey of India about visiting 2 forts in 6 months). (10 Marks)

3) Sumana is heading HR of a PR agency in a big city. She is rather known for being bluntly honest. However, she is always appreciated for being logical. While she will be honest in her negative feedback about performance reviews or when rejecting any job application, she always gives clear reasons, which work as positive feedback for the receivers. In light of this, answer the following questions.

3. a) Put forth strategies for effectively rejecting job applications. (5 Marks)

3.b) Share a strategy for sharing negative performance reviews. (5 Marks)


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