PGDBM ( Marketing Management)


  • This two-year program offers a deeper understanding of the various functions and principles of marketing, which can be practically applied in the corporate world.
  • Updated courseware to keep in step with the changing business landscape.
  • Explore contemporary marketing techniques and offers an understanding of marketing at a regional and global level.
  • Understand the concepts of management and integrate them with marketing management.
  • Effectively navigate the marketing segment which includes both traditional and modern-day marketing.


  • Effectively develop a marketing plan that is cost conservative which also delivers optimum results
  • Skillfully identify the target markets and craft communication that talks to them in their language
  • Develop effective marketing strategies & integrated marketing campaigns
  • Strengthen existing relationships with customers & convert them into brand advocates.
  • Give you an edge over the competition and help you create a path for a successful business career

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