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Course: e-Business

Internal Assignment Applicable for September 2020 Examination

Assignment Marks: 30

  1. HDFC bank is one of the leading financial company in the Indian Banking sector with a huge range of banking services and products to corporate and retail customers.

HDFC bank is revamping business strategies for achieving „ONE BANK‟ vision with the unified banking CRM platform. It implemented CRM to automate the process flow in tracking the sales processes, generating customized reports, cross selling to current

customers. E-CRM has resulted in a 40% increase in cross-selling, increase in lead conversion, delivering amazing customer experience with 52% improvement in service quality. Based on the above, pls suggest HDFC that how CRM can increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Also, list down and explain the various metrics that can be used by the bank in evaluating e-CRM.

(10 Marks)

  1. Kellogg, being a leading company in the production of food items and serving its customers worldwide has a sound standing in the market following the supply chain management system. It possesses an organized and well-equipped transportation and storage system, following the lean production system to streamline processes and eliminate wastes. It uses KPS (Kellogg‟s planning system) to plan and budget production, inventory, and distribution of its products. The company found the need for an e-business model to integrate its supply chain management functions to optimize operations. You being the consultant for the company, suggest an e-supply chain model along with its features that best fits for the company‟s business operations. Also, narrate the benefits of using e-SCM over the traditional SCM method.

(10 Marks)

  1. com, one of India‟s leading online travel portals, has further enhanced its loyalty program, making it more lucrative for its customers. The e-Cash program, which allows customers to save on every booking made on Yatra.com, now gives additional benefits to its users. E-Cash is integrated with the payment process, making the redemption of e-Cash smooth and easy. There are no blackout dates on usage of e-Cash and there is no restriction on combining it with other offers. Since the launch, there has been a very significant year-on-year growth in customers opting for e-Cash. The program has helped in increasing the customer stickiness and has helped to build a stronger connection with consumers, both new and old.

Yatra.com says, “As customers‟ expectations continue to evolve, we are focused on delivering services and experiences that are important to them. Our e-Cash program has been a major contributor in driving repeat purchases and currently over 81% of our customers come back to us for future purchases. We are confident, that with the launch of these new features, the value of e-Cash has been significantly enhanced, which should further add value to the whole customer experience on Yatra.com and ensure brand stickiness and loyalty in the long run.”

With the goal to be ‘India’s travel planner’, Yatra.com has been providing a ‘best in class’ customer experience. Yatra.com has the largest inventory of over 83,000 hotels in India and is one of the biggest homestay aggregators with over 3000 homestays across 130 cities within India. Customers can access Yatra.com in multiple ways: through a user-friendly website, mobile optimized WAP site and applications, a multi-lingual call center, a countrywide network of Holiday Lounges and Yatra.com Travel Express stores.

a. Explain the impact of e-cash on the business operation. (5 Marks)
b. What are the strategies used by Yatra.com to increase its market share in context of the
given case study. (5 Marks)

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