Research Methodology April 2023 BBA Bcom


Research Methodology April 2023 BBA Bcom

NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Research Methodology December2022 BBA Bcom
Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2023 Examination

1. Identify a research area of interest and develop a research plan covering identification of
the research problem, research objectives, the data collection and analysis process.
(10 Marks)

2. Mitsu and Prerak are researching a topic on use of virtual reality in promoting destination
image. They want to float a questionnaire to several respondents to gain their perspective
on the topic to be researched. As their supervisor, what are the steps involved in the design
of a questionnaire that you will recommend to them. Highlight the characteristics of a
good questionnaire to them, before they begin the process of collecting data. (10 Marks)
3.a. Explain the different steps involved in the research process and mention the steps you
will include to perform Literature Review on the topic understanding factors influencing
mobile payment app adoption in India. (5 Marks)
3.b. Discuss the key differences between exploratory and conclusive research. Use examples
to support your answer. (5 Marks)

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