Production and Total Quality Management June 2023 BBA BCom

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Production and Total Quality Management June 2023 BBA BCom


Production and Total Quality Management December2022 BBA BCom



Production and Total Quality Management June 2023 BBA BCom

NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Production & Total Quality Management
Internal Assignment Applicable for December2022 Examination


1. Production facilities include the factory, production machines and tooling, material
handling equipment, inspection equipment, and computer systems that control the
manufacturing operations. Considering the Fact, identifying the different types of
Production systems available? (10 Marks)

2. In the business, total quality management is a management approach focusing on
quality. Considering the fact, bring about the different principles of Total Quality
Management? (10 Marks)

3. “Product may be an idea, a physical entity or a service or any combination of the three.”
a. Every product has limited life span. Infact, to remain static, the organisation must
continuously develop new products and manage them effectively through their life
cycles. Based on the same, find out the different stages of Product Life Cycle in
relationship with production system. (5 Marks)

b. A product is more than a tangible ‘thing’. A product meets the needs of a consumer and
in addition to tangible value, this product also has an abstract value. Considering the
same bring about the steps that are involved in the product development process with
the help of suitable example (5 Marks)

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