NMIMS Solved Assignment Cloud Computing September 2022

NMIMS Solved Assignment Cloud Computing September 2022

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NMIMS Global AccessSchool for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)Course: Cloud ComputingInternal Assignment Applicable for December December2022 ExaminationAssignment Marks: 30 

  1. Nashik Shiwar is a startup that supplies vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers in villages to consumers in cities like Mumbai and Thane. It is planning to use a software solution to manage its operations. One vendor has approached it with a proposed solution to be hosted in its cloud. The founders of Nashik Shiwar are not so tech savvy so they have been apprehensive with the cloud option. They have

  NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE) Course: Cloud Computing Internal Assignment Applicable for December December2021 Examination approached you as the IT expert to advise them on this matter. What will be youradvice to them?                                                                                                                             (10 Marks) 

  1. Sentac Enterprises has grown very fast with its cloth bag manufacturing business, thanks to the increased awareness about less use of plastic bags. To sustain the growth, Sentac Enterprises is looking for automation of its core operations. As an IT expert, you are advising them for the cloud solution. Which cloud deployment model and cloud service model would you recommend? Justify your recommendations.

(10 Marks) 

  1. “I am sure we want cloud solution but which one? Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud; there are so many options!” Manish opened the meeting of his board of directors. The meeting was called to decide on procurement of infrastructure-as-a-service solution to host all IT applications of Sampad Nature Club. Sampad Nature Club has grown very fast under the able leadership of Manish Kapade, who used technology effectively to build up a chain of nature- friendly resorts near cities like Mumbai and Pune.

 â€œI suggest we should look for mid-size local companies instead of mega vendors like IBM and Microsoft.” Sandeep spoke first after Manish. Though Sandeep was CFO, he was very much aware of technology market trends. a. Will you support Sandeep’s suggestion? Why? (5 Marks)b. Why should Sampad Nature Club consider mega vendors like IBM and Microsoft forprocuring IaaS solution? (5 Marks)For Solutions:Visit Website: www.nmimsuniqueassignment.com/Call or Whatsapp us for best Solution: +91 8447543837 Email: sales@nmimsuniqueassignment.com**********

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