NMIMS e-Business Solved Assignments June 2023

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NMIMS e-Business Solved Assignments June 2023




Q.1) As the owner of an online pastry brand, you are exploring different revenue models to
increase your revenue streams. Explain the different types of revenue models that can be
used for e-businesses. Identify the revenue models that are most suitable for an online
pastry brand. Discuss the associated issues with each revenue model and how they can
affect the success of an online pastry brand. Analyze the impact of technology on the
different revenue models and how they can be leveraged to optimize the revenue of an
online pastry brand. (10 marks)
Q.2) You are a digital marketing consultant hired by an online gaming company that aims
to increase its customer base and brand awareness in the Indian market. Develop a digital
marketing strategy that utilizes various online marketing tools and strategies to promote
the company’s gaming services in India. (10 marks)
Q.3) As online shopping for gifts continues to grow in popularity in India, it is essential
for online gift apps to provide a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience to their
customers. One of the key features that contribute to a good shopping experience is the
shopping cart capabilities.
a) Provide an overview of the online gift app market in India and discuss the
importance of shopping cart capabilities in the success of these apps. Research and
identify at least three different types of shopping cart capabilities that online gift
apps in India can offer. Explain each capability in detail and provide examples of
gift apps that use them. (5 marks)
b) Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each shopping cart capability and
compare them. Which capability do you think is the most effective and why?
(5 marks)

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