Fundamentals of Taxation April 2023 BBA Bcom


Fundamentals of Taxation April 2023 BBA Bcom

NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Fundamentals of Taxation December2022 BBA Bcom
Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2023 Examination

1. GST is called as consumption based tax. Discuss and verify this statement with the help of
a relevant example. Also, elaborate on the different categories of GST (10 Marks)
2. Following emoluments are received by Ms Sangeeta during the previous year ended on

Basic salary 250000
Dearness Allowance 10000
Commission 2500
Entertainment allowance 2000
Medical expenses reimbursed 25000
Professional taxes paid 2000(Rs1000 paid by employer)
Ms. Sangeeta contributes Rs 2000 towards the Recognized Provident Fund
She has no other income.
Compute the income from salary for A.Y 2022-23, and give reasons and explanations
wherever required, If Ms. Sangeeta is a Government employee.
(10 Marks)
3. From the following information, furnished by Ms. Anucampa pertaining to the financial
year ended as on 31st march 2022,
Short term capital gains on sale of
shares in an Indian company received in
Dividend from a Chinese company
received in China
Agricultural income from land in
Madhya Pradesh
Dividend from PJV Ltd an Indian
Gross Rent from a residential property
located at Singapore, later on remitted
to the saving account in Bank of
Maharashtra, Mumbai using the
approved channels

Compute the total income and give reason for considering/ not considering these specific
items for the relevant assessment year 2022-23, if she isa. Resident and ordinary resident (5 Marks)
b. Non resident (5 Marks)

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